Amoxil is usually the first recommended medicine for treating most common infections that affect children.

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Information about Amoxil.

Anaphylaxis has bn potd aly but is mlikly toccu ollowing pantal thapy with pnicillins.

Amoxil is indicatd th tatmnt th ollowing inctions in adults and childn (s sctions 4.2, 4.4 and 5.1):

Busing amoxicillin, tll you docti you a allgic tcphalospoins such as Omnic, Czil, Ctin, Klx, and oths. Alstll you docti you hav asthma, liv kidny disas, a blding blood clotting disod, mononuclosis (alscalld “mono”), any typ allgy.

Amoxicillin can pass intbast milk and may ham a nusing baby. Tll you docti you a bast-ding a baby.

Always consult you halthca povid tnsu th inomation displayd on this pag applis tyou psonal cicumstancs.

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amoxil is found in breast milk.

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