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Information about Fucidin.

Patients with a clinical diagnosis of impetigoPatients aged 2-11 yearsPatients of either sexPatients whose parent(shas(veprovided written consentAND Patients with a severity score of 1 for at least one of the following signspustules/infected bullaeerythema and infiltration/induration.

The estimation of the frequency of undesirable effects is based on a pooled analysis of data from clinical trials and from spontaneous reporting.

No effects on the breast-fed new-born/infant are anticipated since the systemic exposure of topically-applied fusidic acid/sodium fusidate to the breast-feeding woman is negligibleTopical Fucidin can be used during breast-feeding but it is recommended to avoid applying topical Fucidin on the breast.

*Various types of rash reactions such as erythematouspustularvesicularmaculo-papular and papular have been reportedRash generalised has also occurred.

Apply the cream or ointment three or four times a dayunless you have been told otherwise.

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