Halofantrine should not be administered with lariam or within 15 weeks of the last dose of lariam due to the risk of a potentially fatal prolongation of the qtc interval see warnings .

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Malaria is a life threatening disease and a major health risk for travellers visiting tropical countries.

The tablets are not recommended for children under 3 months of agei.ethose who weigh less than 5 kg11 lbsFor children over this weightthe dose is shown in the table belowThe tablets can be divided by breaking along the score linesAs in adultsthe dose should be taken once weekly on the same dayand continued for 4 weeks after return.

Have depression or had depression recently have had recent mental illness or problemsincluding anxiety disorderschizophreniaa severe type of mental illnessor psychosislosing touch with realityhave or had seizuresepilepsy or convulsionsare allergic to quinine or quinidinemedicines related to Lariammefloquine

Take special care if you perform activities requiring alertness and coordinationaccurate small movementsand spatial awarenessbeing aware of distancessuch as drivingpiloting an aircraftoperating machinerycyclingand deep-sea diving as Lariam can cause dizzinessloss of balance and mental problemsIf you are in any doubt about whether you can do a particular activitytalk to your doctor.

Increased blood pressuresevere headacheblurred visionchest painshortness of breathuneven heartbeatsor.

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