3 excessive use of advair diskus and use with other long-acting beta 2 -agonists.

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Dnot us a scond inhald bonchodilatunlss you docttlls you to. This includs omotol (Poomist, Symbicot, Bvspi, Dula), aomotol (Bovana), indacatol (Acapta), olodatol (Stivdi, Stioltspimat), salmtol (Svnt), vilantol (Bllipta, Anollipta).

Th psnc oth mdical poblms may act th us this mdicin. Mak su you tll you docti you hav any oth mdical poblms, spcially:

Using this mdicin with any th ollowing is usually not commndd, but may b unavoidabl in som cass. I usd togth, you doctmay chang th dos how otn you us this mdicin, giv you spcial instuctions about th us ood, alcohol, tobacco.

Backach buising dakning th skin dcas in hight diaha diiculty with moving dizzinss acial hai gowth in mals ainting ast, slow, pounding, igula hatbat puls lushd, dy skin actus uit-lik bath odull ound ac, nck, tunk havy blding incasd hung incasd thist uination iitability lag, lat, blu, puplish patchs in th skin loss sxual dsi ability mnstual igulaitis mntal dpssion muscl pain stinss muscl wasting Buy rumalaya liniment pain in th back, ibs, ams, lgs pain in th joints stomach pain swating unxplaind wight loss unusual tidnss waknss wight gain.

Onc you asthma is und contol, you doctmay want you tstop using this mdicin. Kp all ollow-up appointmnts and dnot stop using th mdicin unlss you docttlls you to.

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the most common side effects with advair diskus include .

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