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AVAPO HCT contains ibsatan and hydochloothiazid. Both mdicins duc blood pssu in dint ways. Ibsatan blongs ta goup mdicins known as angiotnsin-II cptantagonists. Angiotnsin II is a substanc poducd in th body which causs blood vssls ttightn. Ibsatan blocks angiotnsin-II and thlaxs you blood vssls. This hlps tlow you blood pssu.

You a pgnant (think you may b pgnant) a planning tbcom pgnant You baby may absob this mdicin in th womb and th is a possibility ham tth baby. you a bast-ding. you a allgic tibsatan hydochloothiazid tsulonamid divd mdicins, tany th ingdints listd und Poduct Dsciption at th nd this lalt. you a diabtic hav kidny poblms and a bing tatd with an AC inhibito, any aliskin-containing mdicins a goup mdicins known as AIIAs (mdicins alsusd ttat high blood pssu). you a not poducing uin. th packaging is ton buying zoloft online shows signs tamping. th xpiy dat on th pack has passd. I you tak this mdicin at th xpiy dat has passd, it may not wok.

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